These are special tours that aim at helping entrepreneurs and tourists explore Tanzania in search for investment opportunities, markets and sources of ingredients for their productions. Though your primary aim is to fulfill a business motive of, we will keep the same spirit of fun and leisure to ensure you have business with pleasure.

How we conduct special tours.

Step 1: You contact to outline your tour's specific business goals, meaning what you wish to achieve.

Step 2: We discuss destinations you will need to visit to accomplish your business goal/goals for the tour. Together with the destinations, we will discuss how long in terms of hours or days you will need to be at the specific destination.

Step 3: We compile an itinerary based on the discussion in step two above. At this stage we will also do costing of the whole tour and come up with our offer for you.

Step 4: We discuss the itinerary and the offer created in 3. After we reach an agreement on the itinerary and the offer, you will need to send a deposit for the tour.

Step 5: We receive you at the airport for pickup and ready to start the tour according to the itinerary.


These tours includes, taking you to the legal hands (the government) depending with investment idea presented to us.


These tours includes, searching for new market areas in Africa and introduce the new products to the market.

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