North Wing Ltd

Sustainability Project

Giving back to the community

As a responsible company, we thrive to impact our community positively.

Our main community support projects are:


We identify under served families that need support for daily basic needs and we supply on monthly basis basic needs such as rice, cooking oil, sugar, soap, and flour.


We have made a plan to provide uniforms and stationery to primary school students in December each year to help under served children get back to school well.


We are passionate about environment, that's why we take all measures to conserve it, from not using plastic bags, carefully managing waste to tree planting.

How we do it

We save 10% of all our proceeds to undertake our sustainability projects. We also encourage our customers to support the families and children of their choice while they are here in Moshi.

So you too can join us to take part in helping under served community. When you book your a with us, you also help us raise money to help these communities and take care of the environment.

Choose Kilicraals, choose a responsible company

The trend now is to be responsible traveler, and it is for good reasons.
Make your trip to Tanzania beneficial not to you but to the community that will host you.

Physical Address

Rau/Kariwachini, Plot number 902
Moshi Town
Kilimanjaro, Tanzania.
P.O.Box 8132
Moshi, Kilimanjaro, Tanzania


Phone 1: +255 (0) 752 553 031
Phone 2: +255 (0) 715 467 455

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